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Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Limits of Civil Speech, Part 4 of ??

James Lileks, speaking on the Hugh Hewitt show a couple days ago, nails the Sheehan woman and her...what was it again? Oh, yes...her grief. At the death of her son. At the hands of that cowardlyjackbootedimperialistwarmogneringfascist

I think Lileks sums it up pretty well...with rather more charity than I would show:

Moderator: Well James, tell us what your thoughts are about this whole Cindy Sheehan episode going on.

Lileks: Oh, Lord. Well, we have to begin with the obligatory disclaimer. I needn't even make it at this point, because it's obvious you can't criticize somebody's grief. But there's something very interesting that she said, and I'm sure Generalissimo has given you heads up on this. This Byron York piece in the National Review that has been posted, where apparently there was a conference call between Sheehan and several of the anti-war blogs. And she made...she's been slinging some very interesting accusations. I mean, she accused the president of cowardice the other day. The other day on the radio, she said that her son had died in a war of aggression on foreign soil to make others rich, which is fever swamp stuff.

Mod: Truly.

Lileks: I mean, essentially, it was all ginned up to fatten the bottom line of PepsiCo and McDonalds, when they go in there to assault Baghdad with McDonalds franchises. And now, what she said...and I mean, this sort of rhetoric becomes addictive. When you say these things, and you get that little rill of thrilled appreciation in the audience, speaking truth to power, then you've got to keep upping the ante, and you have to keep coming up with more and more absurd, ridiculous and frankly, regrettable things to say. And the latest thing that she said is were not it for the internet, the United States would be a fascist state.

Courtesy of Radioblogger.

Yet more proof--if any was needed--that the left has gone round a bend somewhere and taken civil discourse in this country with it.


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