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Thursday, August 25, 2005

My Funny Valentine

Seems that Billygoat the POTUS and I have pretty similar tastes in music. The Bill Clinton Collection looks very decent. Well, okay......maybe "decent" isn't quite the right word, considering who we're talking about here, but.....

It contains Coltrane's My One and Only Love (Bill's song to himself, no doubt), Miles' My Funny Valentine, David Sanborn's Harlem Nocturne, Zoot Sims' Summertime, and other favorites of mine. Judy Collins' Chelsea Morning (or, as Hillary probably calls it, "Chelsea No Morning-After Pill" is there too, but is NOT on my favorites list. Surprisingly, there's no Barry White, no Devil with a Blue Dress On, nothing from Monica's All Eyez On Me.... Hillary's Theme (Miles' Bitches Brew) is also conspicuously absent.

I suspect Dr. Iz-Iz loves Miles' My Funny Valentine as much because of the political context that the concert was part of as because of the music. Still, the whole concert was uniquely inspired -- it's one of the finest live jazz performances ever recorded -- and that may have been a small part of God's gift to the civil rights movement. (Unfortunately, the concert is not available in unadulterated form any more. The one "complete" recording isn't...and mucks with the order the tunes were played in. Still pretty good, though.)

Anyway, the album will be out in about a month. Y'know....if you care....


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