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Friday, September 23, 2005

Bush Derangement Syndrome -- Rita Style

In conversation at last night's Junior High School football game, Chefjef and I came to non-partisan agreement that the next step in leftist Global War on Bush (GWOB) will be the accusation that Texas will fare / is faring / did fare better than Louisiana because it was "Bush's state" and he made special effort to take care of it, while gladly consigning the Big Easy's Democrats of Color to flood, fire, famine, and fear. (Never mind that LA's 9 Electoral College votes were pledged to Bush & Cheney in 2004.)

Michelle Malkin's readers agree.

I give them until about an hour after Rita hits the Texas coast. Anyone care to start a poll? I'll also take bets on who will be the first to make the claim. Will it be the Kosacks? Jabba the Moore? Minority Leader Nancy Chihuahua? Mother Sheehan? Cupman Penn? Or some MSM Establishment hack like E.J. Dionne? Will it be all of these at the same time and more besides?

I don't know, of course, but I'm all a-tingle with anticipation as I watch Rita's storm surge re-breach New Orleans' levees. Or was it "storm surge?" Maybe Bushchimpler's Evil Stormtrooper Killbots dynamited the levees again.

If only Amerikkka's Republikkkans didn't want to destroy the Earth through global warming in order to kill off the planet's non-white populations, none of this would be happening. Karl Rove is doubtless standing atop the White House now, conjuring the storm like Saruman summoning lightning to Redhorn.

Meanwhile, it continues to rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. And Rita moves closer. Please pray for all in its path.


Update 26 Sep 05
: Chefjef writes:

The false criticism will come as soon as any relief effort gets underway and the initial criticism will come concurrently from Molly ivins, Michael Moore via radio free america (or whatever that new left-leaning radio network is) via an anonymous source from the Gov. Blanco administration.

Hope it doesn't happen, but let's make it a Gentleman's bet of first round.


Rep. Cynthia "C means Communist" McKinney (D - Trotskyland) was the first I saw to breach the "Chimpler hates LA, loves TX" levee in her remarks at this weekend's highly touted but poorly attended Rally for Our Holy Mother of Sorrows, Cindy Sheehan. (Funny how small a crowd of "about 500,000 people" can look on camera, isn't it? I grew up around DC; that's about 40K, tops.)

Video of McKinney's comments is here. She seems to be stealing a rhetorical march on Bush himself at the start: "If we didn't know it now, we certainly know it by now." Huh? I love her "ill winds and jetstream" meme and the "corpses strewn about the Superdome while military recruiters prowled the Astrodome" bit--Licoln and MLK: move on over!

Glenn Reynolds has a good general summary of the protest: "When your advice on moderation comes from Daily Kos, you're in trouble. Especially when you don't follow it . . . . "

Kos' own words: "There are few things more annoying and irrelevant than a bunch of dreadlocked Boulderites banging on drums while dancing around with erect nipples under their hemp shirts."

The American Liberal: Stuck On Stupid.


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