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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Star Chamber Begins to Crumble

You may have missed this in last week's news, but a very significant, if little-heralded, event occurred in DC (Drudge readers may have seen it, but he did not comment on its significance):

Marble chunk falls from top of Supreme Court

A chunk of marble fell from near the roof of the U.S. Supreme Court onto the stairs in the front of the building but no one was injured, a court spokeswoman said on Monday

It seems that with the pending appointment of Judge Samuel Alito, the ediface may be starting to crack in a literal and physical sense, not just ideologically. Alito will definitely change the philosophical balance of the court, away from the dogma of the US' de facto established state religion: leftist internationalist anti-Christian relativist secular materialism,* and judicial activism in support of it, toward common-sense and conservative strict-constructionism. The left knows the danger well; that's why they've begun their shrill, if weak-minded and entirely false, anti-Alito campaign. (Seeing and hearing the left's opinions, in any venue, is like reading Pravda back in its Soviet days: utterly predictable, even to the specific terms used; dreaily shrill and unreasonable; more significant for what was not said than for what was said; and entirely, lock-step consistent with the "party line" and/or officially-sanctioned talking points. The "liberal" hive-mind seems to be centrally controlled sometimes.)

Nonetheless, last week's event points to the potential for literally earth-shaking change. The very foundations of Festung Blaufaschismus may be crumbling. We may even be seeing the beginning of vast tectonic shifts, in which the Blue Coastlines break away from America completely.


* For which I still don't have a good, concise name. I am open to suggestions. A military-like acronym, such as LIACRSM; "Liacrism," perhaps?

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