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Monday, March 06, 2006

Congratulations Again, Nolan Dynamite!

The stylin' Rev Dynamite, taken before affectation
of his current gravitas-enhancing chin-lichen.
Reliable sources state that fiance Susanna personally selected the outfit

Official Spiritual Guru to Vita ab Alto, Reverend Nolan Dynamite, has been accepted to a full-fellowship doctoral program at Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky starting in June. This will entail one year of intensive on-site education, then allow him two years to write his dissertation as the lead pastor of a church somewhere here in the Alabama, West-Florida Conference. This will be a tough row to hoe for a newly-married mininsterial couple (I have read of Asbury's standards of excellence and the move to a church that will likely need resuscitation or new minting--these will both be challenges), but I can think of no one I'd rather see complete such a program.

He claims that the on-site program is, "modeled...on things like ACSC (Air Command and Staff College) and Air War College (AWC)," (both of which your humble Doctrine Monk works with daily and has intimate knowledge of), in which case I'm glad he'll get a chance to improve his golf game. Most studs in these programs are done by two pm, ostensibly to give them time to study. And they do have a demanding list of readings and projects, but many give these minimal attention, saving the extra time for play and family -- not such a very bad thing given today's operations tempo; but I suspect Asbury will demand more.

I look forward to his dissertation and have a suggested topic: "Open communication of the Good News to congregants, past and present." He could start small with his own propensity to keep his good news concerning major life changes (y'know, like marriage) effective secrets to those outside the War Eagle circular error probable for a World War II 500-pounder, and extrapolate the point into how we need to proclaim the Good News in all venues and to all people.

Just a thought.

I know readers in the Auburn area already know this news, but some Prattville-Montgomery readers may not be aware yet, so ...... now you know.

Congratulations again!


Update, 5 Feb:The Most Right Reverend Nolan responds:

Slow news week, huh, Monk?

Seriously, you're kind. Don't feel like you and the Pratt-vegas crowd have been neglected. Really, I don't think anyone in Auburn knows either! The folks down here near the Bay are just beginning to find out, but I'm sure that with the massive VaA readership it is common knowledge now!

Well, it was the only good news in weeks otherwise filled with the fecklessness of the supposedly-conservative Bush Administration and the horrifying depradations of the Uffdahadin.

Do I take that last comment as a sly joke on the dozens of internet hits I have received in my year of blogging? Lest you sneer, Mr. Pushing 12,000, I must remind you that many of my hits come from your peeps in the Auburn crib.


Update 2: KANH weighs in:

OK-this is getting a little too sweet. Although we are very excited for Nolan, Monk is trying to keep himself occupied until the delivery of what he thinks is "HIS" latest toy (lest he forget, the man may be the head of the house, but we women are the neck and can turn the head where we want:)

Pray, what "toy" would that be, O Great KANH? I know of no "toys" coming my way soon. Incidentally, Rev Nolan would do well to heed the advice KANH gives. My neck now swivels all the way 'round, like in The Exorcist. PS: I hear they teach a mean exorcism at Asbury as part of the doctoral curriculum. You ain't seen nothin' 'till you seen a Methodist Exorcism! My favorite part is when they invite the demons to a covered dish social, even though the demons usually bring green bean casserole (yuk).


Update 3: KANH attempts more drollery:

OK-not only am I the neck but it appears I'm also the memory:) Since you can't remember maybe that means it's mine, all mine! OK, so I'll need you to back it down the ramp, and to drive when I'm in tow(since Dr. B gave me the all clear for my shoulder), but beyond that, it's all mine:)

Very amusing........really. The new possession being delivered this month is no mere "toy." It is an affirmation of manhood; a thing to grunt and bark over. No woman can possess her, because she herself is a woman and must be mastered with the touch of a firm but gentle hand. Only a True Man can be expected to be Master of her.


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