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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Congratulations, Chefjef!

Yes, it's heartfelt Christmas congratulations to Chefjef and clan, who have just been adopted by an adorable little cat. Chefjef's wife, mother, daughters, and --tonight -- many female guests present to celebrate his wife's birthday fawned over the creature, a neighborhood kitty who has found the Chefjef family the most amenable of her many options.

Chefjef is having none of it, however. He made his objections -- indeed, his outright prohibition -- certain, loud, and clear. Needless to say, he was ignored. It was fascinating to see the entire human male-female drama played out in microcosm in the space of half an hour: woman gets idea; man objects, invoking God-given authority as head of the household; woman ignores, needles, and/or outwaits man until she gets what she originally wanted.

When I left, the Chefjefs were still "discussing" the issue. Chefjef's prohibition stood. But I know how this will end ..... we all know how this will end. Congratulations on the new addition to your family, Jeff!

In fairness, the beast looks a bit more like this (minus the green tie)...

Than the cute&lovable&adorablelittul kittens depicted above. As far as Chefjef is concerned, it should look more like this...

I tried to console him and help reconcile him to his inevitable defeat by reminding him that he could fatten the thing up and think of it as fajitas or mongolian barbecue on the hoof. He was still having none of it. Few things in this life are sadder -- or more enobling, in a sense -- than watching a man you know is defeated refuse to admit to his downfall. Besides, Chefjef, it's a cute&adorable&playful&lovable&hugablelittul kitten! Don't be like the chairman of your favorite political party...

...shown here publically abusing a cutelittul kitten, which I'm told he frequently does... I know you are sad and angry right now. I'll call Mother Sheehan and have her weep for you, shall I?


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