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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Dramatic Rescue at Sea (or Travelblogging, Part 1)

Greetings from the mid-Caribbean, Monkfans! I was planning longer, more contemplative posts from this trip, but a) access is $0.75 per minute and, b) I have some late-breaking news that might even interest CNN (if it’s a slow news day.) Our cruise ship, the Norwegian Sun, just swung about and stopped after sighting desperate waves from a man afloat in a dinghy, between Key West and Cuban shores (slightly closer to the latter). The dinghy contained two people, one of them very ill. Our ship has dispatched a doctor and will be bringing the two aboard shortly until they can be picked up by the US Coast Guard. To all appearances, these are bloated, capitalist fat-cat refugees from the People’s Paradise. Our crew and passengers gave a hearty round of applause to the rescuers and the rescued as they came aboard on Deck Two.

The occurred was around 2100 Zulu, near 23.48.98N 082-02.61W. Pictures need little elaboration. Apologies for the brevity, but citizen-journalistic responsibilities take precedence over bloviation at the moment.


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