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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Vive la Difference!

This picture from southern Cal's student demonstrations yesterday may incense many American voters and certainly won't win many converts to the cause of amnesty for "guest" (read, "illegal") alien workers, but it's a darned sight better than this

Or this

Despite all the disrespect for the flag, public decency, and the rule of law evidenced in the deomonstrataions, those here in the States were almost entirely peaceful; those in France entailed your typical romantic rush to the barricades followed by the equally romantic mob violence.

More importantly, those protesting here were fighting to get here, stay here, and work for a living. Whatever you may think about the economic falsehood that they are taking jobs Americans won't (I don't see them rushing into the mines of West Virginia), they are here to make better lives for themselves and their families in a country with half the unemployment of France and twice its growth rate.

The romantic French youth are protesting to get the same state welfare check their central government doles out to their parents while calling it a wage -- they want the unfirable sinecures their parents enjoy, at the expense of job formation and economic opportunity. And French menial jobs really are being taken from those unwilling to work for anything but articfically inflated wages. In the process, France is being slowly conquered by its overwhelmingly muslim lower working class. Those muslim youths in the banliues who suffer 40+ percent unemployment have bought into the worst of both the West and the Mideast. They form a bachelor herd army that will one day overrun the aging French organs of state and set up something infinetly worse than the panty-wasted old woman that is today's France, using it as a stepping stone to accomplish what Abbasid armies could not in al Andalus 1200 years ago, Ottoman armies could not 300 years ago, and Nazi and Soviet armies could not in the last century.

Protest away, o rmantic youth of France. The time in which you are permitted to do so is coming to an end soon....


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