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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What She Said

I think Judith Klinghoffer has it about right (all but the resignation part) concerning those (ground-pounding, tank-loving, attrition-loving) generals who have come out against our transformational (air- and-naval-centric, tank-hating, precision-loving) Secretary of Defense lately:

To hear two and three star generals whine that Rumsfeld is too intimidating causes one to ask who else can so easily intimidate them? Are we talking perhaps of the insurgents, Ahmadinejad, Assad Fils, the North Korean or China? Imagine being a soldier who has served under the command of so easily intimidated a general. Their retired generals' contention that they are speaking for their active duty colleagues merely makes matters worse.

Well, I'm a recently-retired soldier (Airman, actuallly) who thinks alike with Ms Klinghoffer. These generals be wooses.


Update 18 Apr 06:
Now read this. "If you hear the patter of little feet, it's the US Army in full retreat" -- Lyrics sung by US Airmen during WW II. How many times did we have to bail you losers out? I refer everyone to the penultimate scene in Saving Private Ryan. Angels on our shoulders, indeed.


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