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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

True Colors

By backing Rep John "Cut & Run" el-Murtha for majority leader, and by refusing a vote on the excellent John Bolton for continued service as UN ambassador, House speaker-to-be Nancy "Killer Chihuahua" Pelosi has shown her true leftist colors.

I agree with the WaPo's Ruth Marcus -- hardly a conservative -- that Murtha is unfit to be majority leader. She cites Abscam, but I think his other anti-American and pro-islamist behavior -- his prescription for US defeat and islamist victory in the "War on Terror" -- disqualifies him to be called an American, much less to be House majority leader.

John Bolton has been the most impressive UN ambassador since Daniel Patrick Moynihan. Like Moynihan, Bolton has taken no krepp from the UN's collection of tinhorns and barbarians, but has hammered out some tough agreements (which are meaningless, since the UN refuses to act on them).

I think we can expect more of the same from Pelosi, meaning that my previous Option 2 looks as if it will be her most likely course of action: Hippy Heaven for one and all in the political boiler room (with apologies to Tom Wolfe). The next two years should be most amusing.


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