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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My First Hostile Comment!

Yea!! I just got my first (but hopfully not my last) hostile comment! I reacted instinctively and moderated it as "reject" when it first came up, but them I thought about it and decided that this put me in the same class as Glenn Raynolds and Charles at lgf. I'm on the road to fame and flame now!

The comment, from the ever-brave "Anonymous," read "are you a complete tosser or have you just had lots of practice?"

I assume the chap or chapette is a Brit, since its unlikely a 'Murcan would use the term "tosser" insultingly (unless referring to an enemy quaterback). (Note to Mons. Tosser: Quarterback: that's a term from football. Football: that's the Fascist Imerialist Jackbooted kind, not soccer.)

Anyway...I really have no response to that comment, so here's a picture of a man with a bicycle through his face...


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