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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Vox Populi

Why is this woman smiling?

Well, you know why. And I wish her joy of yesterday's conquest.

Contrary to what most of my conservative friends may think, this is not an unalloyed Bad Thing. When Pelosi becomes speaker, one of three things will happen:

1) Her savvy as a politician will belie her apparent goggle-eyed stupidity and she will exercise her first real power with moderation -- that is, she will grow into the job. That is essentially what she promised yesterday as she took her victory lap. (She also promised "change," as all the Demo's have been throughout the campaign season. What change she didn't say, nor has any Democrat so far.) This is a real possibility, since, contrary to chihuahua-like appearances, she seems to be an adept political maneuverer. She helped engineer yesterday's victory, after all.

2) She will return to her San Frangerbilist nutroots and it will become hippie-freak heaven for one and all in the halls of the Capitol. This will be alarming, but ultimately harmless (assuming the terrorists don't realize their Esalen encounter-group window of opportunity and strike us big during this time), since she will thus ruin the chance for the Democrats to hold any real sort of power for the next generation. The only people who will vote for them will be the Daily Kos crowd. They assume this will happen, since they are really crowing now.

3) She will become a vindictive, obstructionist bitch and attempt to investigate everything Dubya W. Chimpler has "lied" about over the last six years, as well to impeach him. This is the best possible situation, since the government will be able to get nothing else done, the military will be left relatively alone (except, perhaps, to be made to provide Comfy Chairs to every detainee in Gitmo), and the people will thus be safe.

I give each of these about a 1/3 chance. All in all, it will soon be business as usual. Heck, this blow might even shock Dubya into being fiscally responsible. Unlikely, but who knows?

In any case, the Democrats will probably try to insist on some kind of timetable for defeat in Iraq -- a phased withdrawal. The President will be able to hold this off for the next two years, but the Demo's will eventualy prevail. I assume they won't try anything as draconian as cutting off funding -- that would never make past any president's desk.

Once we withdraw, our enemies the islamofascists will rightly see it as a victory and plan further advances and mayhem. Eventually, they will get to the point of so pissing off the American people that we turn cities to glass parking lots and people to shadows on the pavement. It will hasten the inevitable war we must fight. We are fighting it in a civilized manner now, just as Rome did Carthage in the First Punic War. I urge you, however, to look to the end of the Third Punic War...

In the meantime....

"I, for one, welcome our new Democratic overlords"

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