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Monday, February 28, 2005

Newt and Ward: Twin Sons of Different Mothers?

Chefjef comments on my Newt post thusly:

Chosen by genetics at age 2? I would tease you with some Hitler remarks but I promised not to do that anymore. You were, I must admit, on a pretty good role until you suggested drowning in Budweiser vats - is that bad? If you had said Miller Genuine Draft, I may have volunteered. And caps on pro-athlete salaries? I agree theoretically, but what a mood shift for Monk, who I perceive to be (economically) a libertarian.

To which I, the Monkster, answer: I think you miss my point. I was deliberately vamping on the Pol Pot thing, trying to humorously support a case for the idea that human reason, used as sole guide and followed to its logical ends, results in tyranny of some form. That was also the point of my postscript comments on Wahabbi Suni islam. Oh well--not every schtick works. Point being, though, that we cannot invoke paradise by our own efforts and we cannot imminentize the eskaton, as they say. I agree that MGD needs the flavoring more than Bud. One point of correction, however: on economics, I am actually more Austrian School (you know: von Mises, Hayek, praxeology, et al) than a Libertarian. There are differences. I'll blog more on this in the future.

Chefjef: Newt Gingrich....come on. Really smart - yep. Erudite - yep; I have rather enjoyed several of his books. Musings on Islam - agree with 70% of it. Moral compass - non-existent. He had more trists than Slick Willy; where's the moral indignation from the Right. I really loved when he broke the news to his (second?) wife, while in her cancer bed, that he wanted a divorce to run off with his mistress. That was cool.

Response: Wow, you're right--I knew there was a reason I despised the guy back in the day, but had forgotten about the wife/deathbed thing. You're "dead" spot on about his (lack of) moral compass.

Be it known, all ye presents: The Monkster Regime formally unrehabilitates Newt Gingrich and bestows upon him, from this point forward, official Ass Hat status. Thus shall he ever be known.

Chefjef: On a serious note, though, who is this Churchill guy? I've never heard of him. Can you give some background? What is he whining about, regarding tenure a(which I define as government entitlement program number six thousand three-hundred and twenty) and what are his alleged anti-American positions?

Answer: ...speaking of ass hats... Ain't no "alleged" about it, son. Here are a few relevant links:

The World of Ward, in his own words...and more...and more...and more...and still more

A modest paucity of words from the blogosphere here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, there, and everywhere... You get the idea.

My own earlier comments on him here


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