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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Yet More Reasons to Dislike Europe

…as if any more were needed…

Here is a charming little foray into Nazi-style eugenics from our friends in the Netherlands and France:

Dutch doctors estimate that at least five newborn mercy killings occur for every one reported in that country, which has allowed euthanasia for competent adults since 1985.
Captain’s Quarters summarizes:

The problem, according to the AP, isn’t limited to the Netherlands. In fact, the French may be the worst offenders, with a whopping 73% of all physicians surveyed having euthanized at least one infant with drug overdoses, the preferred method. That’s 30 points higher than the Dutch, who still report almost half of all physicians have killed newborns. Other countries in Europe report much smaller percentages, between 2-4%.

How can almost three-quarters of French physicians have run across that many instances of infants requiring death? Do they have a high percentage of birth defects in France?
Of course, from a certain perspective, being French is a birth defect, but let’s leave that aside for the moment…

There is a considerable moral difference between removing someone from extraordinary life support and actively “euthanizing” (that is to say, “murdering”) them, but this distinction has apparently been lost upon our infinitely nuanced friends in Europe. Decades of living without a moral compass, in order to preserve their lives of unproductive, decandent privilege without guilt, have left them unable to make reasonable moral distinctions.

Three generations ago, Western Europeans appeased Hitler, hoping he would ignore them if they gave him what he wanted. They looked on in dumb surprise from their sidewalk bistros as the Wehrmacht goose-stepped into Paris. Two generations ago, Western Europeans would have surrendered to the lean and hungry Soviet barbarians to the East but for the "unsubtle" strength of America's armed forces and "cowboy" foreign policy. Today, Western Europeans are just as anxious to surrender to islam's lean and hungry barbarians to the South, thinking that by doing so, islam will ignore them and go elsewhere for entertainment. In their hazy, Campari- and Galoises-induced comfort, however, they have forgotten that weakness is an incitement to the cruel.

Spain's example is instructive, especially when compared to America's. Today is the first anniversary of "Spain's 9-11"--the Madrid train bombing. Both Spain and the US suffered horrific terrorist attacks, each of which killed roughly equivalent proportions of their respective country's populations. America responded by attacking its attackers like a cornered Pit Bull. Spain responded by rolling over and letting al Qaeda scratch its belly. ("Ah yais, but Espana had just had eet's nail's cleeped and eet's pom-poms trimmed and pomaded! And thees was not cheap! Such artistry must not be deesturbed by violence!") Spain's new master will not always want to rub its belly, however. He is cruel and demanding. By comparison, the US struts down Atlantic Alley with bloody jowls, gnawing a gristly muslim bone (and provoking grunts of disgust from Europe's well-coiffed dogs). No one messes with him. No one. In fact, he's the alley's alpha male. He's driven off Spain's new master for the moment, but the other dogs do not like to acknowledge his superiority. Our Pit Bull is too dirty, too unkempt.

And yes, there is a connection between Western Europe's cowardly appeasement and the original topic of this post. Appeasement proves a lack of a moral compass. Lack of a moral compass can be manifested in ways other than weakness. In fact, it's fairly typical of individuals who lack a true moral sense to be fawning toward those perceived as stronger and cruel toward those perceived as weaker. Everyone has seen an example in a bully's behavior. Since islam teaches no morality other than cosmic self-aggrandizement--earning one's own salvation through blind adherence to ritual--this sort of behavior is common to muslims and typical of islamic societies. America is not cruel toward the weak--quite the contrary. This is why Europe knows it can get away with its carping. If America were really an empire like Germany and France have ruled in the past, Europe would have been long since forced to shut up.

We see the proof of Europe's moral weakness manfiested in its fawning, submissive behavior toward its immediate enemies and its wanton cruelty toward the weak and defenseless. In the summer of 2003, over 20,000 died when the All-Europe Air Conditioner Workers Union went on vacation to Majorca's nude beaches together and a heat wave hit Europe's cities. The reaction was a collective shoulder shrug and a dismissive, "eh?" Hey, the appeasers were happy: the deaths freed up a bunch of tenement apartments for new muslim immigrants! A week ago, the Italian government paid between 1 - 8 million Euros to free a propagandist who has made a career out of aplologizing for tyrrany and generally being on the wrong side of history. The Netherlands is being overrun as we speak by the lean and hungry--nearly a quarter of its population is now immigrant muslim. Last year, muslim extremists killed prominent artist Theo van Gogh because he dared to speak out against islam's barbarism and the Dutch government did........nothing. A few hushed words were heard mumbled in protest, but none dared speak them too loudly. Wouldn't want to know........ And now we learn that the Euros "euthanize" the babies they think won't grow up able to enjoy pate and eiswein. Is this really very surprising?

How long will it be before we hear the following exchange between a muslim overlord and a French doctor with an armband inscribed with a large black da'al (for 'dhimmi'): French doctor: "Why, yes. Of course, Malik, I agree that the child can have no meaningful life in our society as a 'Christian.' It's life would be one of constant disapppointment. What is that? I cannot understand you through the ski mask. Oh, yes. I shall adminsiter the procedure immediately. This one will not trouble you further..."


PS: I do like Europe's cathedrals...not that anyone's used them for the intended purpose in about 200 years...

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