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Monday, March 14, 2005

Subvertising, The Christian Way

This is cool:

What's interesting is not so much the messages that the hoodies, belt buckles and other items carry, but rather their graphic style, which looks more suited to a skate or surf boutique, or perhaps the goth-ish mall chain Hot Topic.

The Not of This World logo, for example, looks like something from an old Led Zeppelin album cover. On one T-shirt, it's paired with a skull and what look like flames, plus the slogan "Bad Company Corrupts"; look more closely, and you can read what's written around the edge of the design, a passage from 1 Corinthians: "Do not be misled: bad company corrupts good character." . . . The approach is reminiscent of anti-corporate "subvertising" -- manipulating a familiar logo or style to carry an oppositional message -- except that this time the message is not anti-brand but rather pro-Christ.

I like the logo. Must get me some. GetReligion adds further perspective:

As a news trend, this subject can probably be filed in the post-Contemporary Worship folder along with all of the stories about the "emerging church" movement. But this story is certainly not out of date. It might even be timeless. Note this wonderful quote that Walker uses, from the American Tract Society in 1834: "The young demand something more entertaining than mere didactic discussion."

World without end, amen.

& Selah. Follow the "emerging church" link, by the way. I have seen a number of manifestations of this aspect of the Visible Church and agree about its "subapostolic" character. I'm seeing growth of this kindf in my own church and am convinced of the Holy Spirit's inspiration.


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