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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Jamie Foxx: A Class Actor

Watched the Oscars the other night. For a middle-aged straight male, watching the Oscars is a definite Jeff Foxworthy Moment: 'If you're a man watching the Oscars, you know you're either married or gay!'

Chris Rock was more of a millstone, but his juvenile digs against Bush and for F9/11 hugely pleasedhis in-da-house audience (all except Clint Eastwood I suppose--but Clint had several of the last laughs).

The highlight for me was Jamie Foxx's acceptance speech. It was, as the NYT had it, 'a TiVo moment.' It was one of the most intelligent and moving things I've ever heard come from an actor's mouth that weren't put there by someone brighter. I can't find a transcript or video link right now for those who didn't see it, but I'll update this post when I do. Suffice it to say, he done his grandma proud.

The NYT, of course, found cause to sneer, reminding America's self-appointed cognoscenti that the Oscar ceremony was "stuck in the past"--an epithet intended to say "this year was unhip and even mildly Redstate" to the NYT's infinitely urbane, nuanced Bluestate readership. The only thing the NYT liked, of course, was Chris Rock. The Oscars "desperately need to escape the aura of deja vu." [a Bad Thing] "They've seen Jamie Foxx win best-actor awards for "Ray" and have even seen him get teary when thanking his dead grandmother." 'How you do it, my boys,' as Tom Wolfe would have it...


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