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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mizz Facelift Suffers Defeat

The House Democrats voted Steny Hoyer in as House Majority Leader today, which is good news for the country, but bad news for Nancy Pelosi. As SFGate reports, the House Democrats, "spurning [her] handpicked choice," elected Hoyer 149-86.

Mother Hippy said, after her unanimous election to be Speaker of the House (Kos Kidz: only two bullets away from the White House!), "We will not be dazzled by money and special interests."'s hard to be dazzled by something you've been swimming in for a hundred years.

So much for Pelosi's political clout and adroitness. I guess this makes my Option 2 more likely: Hippy Heaven in the Halls of Congress. Maybe Hoyer can keep her in check. But then, maybe not...


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