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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

We Suck

This comment on Free Repuplic today summed up conservative consensus on the Republipork Party and its ardent political death wish. The party has made Mel "Open the Borders and Let 'Em Pour In" Martinez the RNC Chairman and is considering bringing Trent "Lotta Loot" Lott back from the dead to be Minority Whip.

This party needs to get back to its conservative roots or it will be out of power for twenty years. Instead, the party hierarchy is bringing in more of the type that got us where we are today into leadership positions.

Michelle Malkin has a good summary, taken from around the web:

John Hawkins: Make no mistake about it, the GOP base is upset, demoralized and disappointed in the performance of the Republican Party, and if the columns, blog posts and comments I'm seeing around the net are any indication, a lot of conservatives still aren't convinced that anyone in Washington is listening to them. That's understandable because conservatives were pointing out many of the problems that cost the GOP the election in 2006 for YEARS without anyone on Capitol Hill, including the President, seeming to pick up on it or care.

The American Pundit: We really needed someone who is quoted on Porkbusters’ front page as saying “I’ll just say this about the so-called porkbusters. I’m getting damn tired of hearing from them. They have been nothing but trouble ever since Katrina”.

Right Voices: Between this and Mel Martinez, we’re really on a roll.

PostWatch: Combined with other inspiring actions like the Sen. Mel Amnesty Martinez becoming the head of the Republican National Committee, it appears the GOP has decided it needs some time to recover from the burdens of leadership. Say, ten or fifteen years.

Captain’s Quarters: We sent Republicans to clean up Congress, not to clean up for themselves in porkfests that rival anything that came before them. Trent Lott represents the worst of that class, and the mere idea that he remains in consideration for a leadership position after his commentary this year proves that the GOP hasn’t listened hard enough.

The Bidinotto Blog: Trent Lott, just elected Senate minority whip by his GOP colleagues, represents the worst of the old-boy network in the Republican Party: an aphilosophical, wheeler-dealer, pork-peddling pragmatist with a long, ugly record of compromises, sell-outs, and “me-too’ing” in the face of liberal Democrat intiatives. Lott wouldn’t know a moral principle if it walked up and spit in his face.

None sum it up better than the Freeper post, however. The American public would never -- and should never -- vote for this crowd. We need a third party now more than ever.


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